23 Aug 2011

a little tile show from sicily

casa talía is a b&b in modica, sicily,
created and run by milanese architects couple
viviana haddad and marco giunta,
and it's all about slow living.

i love all those tiles!

all pics scanned by me from
elle decor italia july-august 2011.
photos by andrea ferrari.

i also found some more pics

click pics for a closer look.

(side note: yes, i'm doing my daily drawing challenges.

i quite liked it yesterday, but the previous three days
they felt more of a drudgery.
i feel totally untalented, of course,
 but i'm going to get thru this, i know.

i also decided to break out
betty edwards'
that is really a love-and-hate book for me.
it's smart. very smart.
but if you take a look at the cover, you instantly know that
it has nothing whatsoever to do with art.
you know, to be a great artist, you don't
necessarily have to be able to be a good draftsman...
take cézanne or van gogh.
on the other hand, it has everything to do with
seeing... that kind of seeing that is my goal
in this 30-day challenge, so i feel
that i might benefit from reading it and maybe
doing some of her excercises...
of course i never did those excercises before...
i'm lazy, you know...) 


  1. Stunning! i do love tile flooring..and after this post, I love it also in walls ;))

  2. Oh my goodness! Those tiles are just incredible. I really love the juxtaposition of the old vs new tiles in the first photo!

    Slow living... just the thought of that sounds good...


  3. thank you, sweet girls!!!!


  4. oh so wonderful !!
    love the fusion the mosaics !


  5. I'm speechless! So beautiful!

  6. Thanks, Anna! I'very glad you like it! :) :) :)

  7. love it!
    are these tiles original azulejos?

  8. :) hehe, i didn't know what azulejos were, but looked them up... i guess these are somewhat different, but also similar in a way. but these are for sure sicilian rather than spanish or portugese... the text said they used antique majolica tiles... and that they kept with sicilian tradiotions... i've also seen an other little text about a shop selling (similar) antique sicilan tiles...
    i really love the way they used them. :) :)



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