24 Aug 2015


via a muted palette, info and more pics here

table hommage to moore, axel vervoordt

interior designed by hecker guthrie, via brick house

sparse with a hint of gold. via bodzafröccs
interior designed by harriet anstruther studio

restaurant in seoul, via cereal

that chair! home of ceramic artist paula greif, via remodelista

again, that chair! via desire to inspire

20 Aug 2015

words _ on fear

fear is such an insidious little thing.
it keeps you in bondage when
all you want is fly.

but once you realize that there's
essentially nothing you can loose,
you can become fearless
and free.

kind of what i'm working on now.
(as always have been.)

14 Aug 2015

13 Aug 2015

that space _ house in a forest by paul kaloustian

when the forest is on the other side
of a curved glass wall. i find this slightly eery
but also very spectacular.

i think the first two photos are of
the actual house already, while the rest of them
might be taken of the architectural model.
that's my guess at least.

house in a forest by architect

found at and see more at
which is a really, really great blog.

12 Aug 2015


in this heat it's not that hard
to have our blood boiling.
but of course that's not the point here.


pic and quote from cocorrina.

11 Aug 2015

fashion in the cactus garden

i really like these photos
that japanese photographer miss bean
snapped for the s/s 2014 collection of mucha
(i think that's some japanese fashion label).

i always like the idea of shooting fashion in a garden,
botanical garden or greenhouse, especially if it's
somewhat out of the ordinary, just like
these pics in the cactus garden.


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