31 Jul 2014

i love these screen wallpapers by corina nika

beautiful and inspiring.

i'm using one of them, too.
can you guess which one? :)
i think i should change it to the
"create" one tho. :P

by the very talented corina nika.

gotta check out
her very stylish blog, too.

28 Jul 2014

8 Jul 2014

some real magazine art by gemis luciani

what at the first glance might look like
colorful collages, are actually,
as the last photo reveals, systematically
folded fashion and design magazines,

images found

7 Jul 2014

editorial love _ sporty in russh

ajak deng was photographed by james nelson
and styled by bille iveson for
the editorial she's got game,
in russh magazine's june/july 2014 issue.

see all the images of this editorial

5 Jul 2014

just another note to self _ on mediocrity

i'm always afraid of mediocrity,
which many a time leads to my
not making anything.

but yes, we all need to understand
that mediocrity is almost always
an unavoidable stage
that we need to get through.

what's your point of view?



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