17 May 2015

three colors _ photography by carissa gallo

i love this series titled "color studies" by carissa gallo.

interestingly, she says that her
"color studies are a look into how things of the same color,
both natural and unnatural, interact with one another", but
as you can see, this series is as much an exploration
into color contrasts as it is into color harmonies.

it's an ongoing series, so head to her page

15 May 2015

that space _ the schaffer house, 1949

omg, feels almost like living outdoors.

this awesome space was designed by
architect john lautner, is in los angeles, california
and was finished in 1949. It's also noted as the house
in tom ford's "a single man".

more info here.

similar ones previously:

12 May 2015

it's a cinch, or story of a belt

i kinda like it when an accessory is used throughout
an editorial. like this silver leather belt. all the better
if it also disappears now and then.

chloe memisevic was photographed by léa nielsen
for vogue italia online.

please note that some of these image were edited
and cropped by me. see the original ones and more
here at visualoptimism.

5 May 2015

nice things _ speak vases by jo davies

these small vases made of wheel-thrown porcelain
are called speak vases because they appear to speak.

with one, two or three openings.

through bmasiac.


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