31 Jan 2011


1, 3, 4 _ via fffound.
2 _ via houseofbliss.

kitchens of a whiter shade

via red online, found through houseofbliss.


didn't even tell you we had a small earthquake this past saturday evening...
i was a little scared, because i never experienced any, so i just didn't know whether i should expext more or not.
but in actual fact it was a really small one, 4.8 on the richter magnitude scale...
this kind of earthquake happens some 6000 times a year on the face of earth, and it usually doesn't cause damage.
still, feeling the house move (i live on the first floor), and seeing my newly acquired ikea plant shake was a bit scary indeed.
i hope we don't get any more of this.

(images from marianbijlenga flickr)

editorial love

julia saner photographed by greg kadel for the editorial labyrinth in numéro magazine #120, february 2011.

click images for a closer look.

i can't help it

i just love this kind of collar.

photo by teuku ajie, model mateusz rogenbuk. via fabricmag

29 Jan 2011

editorial love

agnete hegelund by lachlan bailey vogue china october 2008, via tfs.

click images for a closer look.

26 Jan 2011

been waiting for

i know these are and will be all over the internet, but i just cannot contain my penchant for couture,
so i just hope you don't mind my posting these looks from givenchy haute couture spring/summer 2011.

see all the looks her at tfs, or here at fgr.

click images for actual size.


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