27 Jun 2013


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12 Jun 2013

FASHION, PERSONAL _ extremities and some good news

front of a top. i love basting, i do. :)


hand on a sleeve. i love basting, but this one was made by my mom and ibolya.

the good news are that i again got through into
the finals of the "gombold újra" fashion design competition.
i think it's amazing that i (with a little help from
my mommy and her colleague ibolya) did it again.

practically everybody advised me against entering again this year.
first off because most of my family measures things in "payoffs".
and payoff to them means financial success. so if something doesn't
bring more money than what i invested then why would i do it.
no normal person would do it. at least that's what they think.
because last year it didn't get me any financial success
they thought that it would be a waste of time, energy and money.
they could not grasp that i did it for the work itself not money.

okay, i love my family and they love me too... they want to
protect me and they want to mold me into a proper citizen, which i'm not.
but they want to do that because they want to see me get along well
in this world. i do struggle in this society that demands that i be
a slave to it... but that's okay, i think. maybe i really should
work more and earn more money. my family is right. and i am
right, too, i think. my mommy always tries to stand by
my side, tho. :)

Another friend told me i should not enter because of the high probability
that i could not repeat last year's success... and i said, so what?
no problem if i can't repeat it...

i had to save money for the competition, there were even bills
i did not pay because i had to put aside the money for the fabrics...
i had to save off more that 500 bucks, which is actually a lot for
poor little me. and i did enter the competition. :) :)

and again i got through into the final round... yay! :D

i really think it's amazing.

this year the challenge was even more exciting because
it got broader in that we could choose from many
areas of inspiration. we could use practically anything from
the cultures and natures of 4 of Central Europe's countries.

we even got a pinterest board with loads of inspo:

i chose andré kertész' "distortions" series. some 200 photos that
he made in 1933 of two beautiful women through distorted mirrors.
a really, really surreal, really grotesque but no less beautiful series.
i find them breathtaking, funny, witty, and utterly modern.

we had to design 5 outfits that i'll post later.

above you can see some of them in the making.

there are 4 categories, and i'm in the "newcomer öltözék" one.
"öltözék" means clothing or outfit in hungarian. :)

i'm curious about what you think!

the jury decided already but they have to keep the decision secret
until june the 22nd, the day of the finals. it was supposed
to be held last saturday, the 8th, but they decided to 
postpone it because of the flood.

see you soon.

9 Jun 2013

THINGS _ a little this and that

1 _ dustin by terry o'neill, via old-chum.
2 _ paule ka f/w 2013, via beautravailaime.

both images cropped.

PERSONAL _ uhm, uhm, i've been a bad blogger lately... :P

oh, yeah... and i'm really sorry about it, because i really love my blog.
and i love my visitors, too... and it's actually so good to know
that some (or maybe even quite a lot) of you do miss my posts... :)
i don't mean to abandon this blog, no way... :)
so herewith i dare to announce that i'm back! :) well, this
doesn't mean much, because i can well say so and then not do it, as we know,
but saying it adds a bit of accountability to it, so i think i might
keep my word, and (hopefully) keep you iiiinspired, as well as keep you
posted about the things i'm up to these days...
(they are quite exciting, even promising...)

so keep visiting, dear friends!
hugs and kisses,

(cool image by roman noven and tania shcheglova, synchrodogs).


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