31 Aug 2011

editorial love _ the lady is a tramp

this pair of earings would make a nice and easy diy project.

some furs paired with printed pieces and vintage plastics.
i like the result!

model sarah whale photographed by toby knott
for the editorial "the lady is a tramp"
in the september 2011 issue of vogue portugal.

slightly edited.
via fgr.

click images for actual size.


my heart beats a tad faster as i look at this.
to me it epitomizes an era that i revere and adore very much.
an era of beautiful, handmade garments
that were pieces of art onto themselves.
the era of fortuny, gallenga, chanel and vionnet.

stenciled label hand sewn onto the silk lining
of a mariano fortuny jacket.
so very good to look at, don't you think?


it's just that i like this. so funny.
and an orange-pink color combo looks always great.

via loveknotted.

sharing previously: here.

29 Aug 2011

i like the idea

pet piggie... will readily double as a chair...
or is it  but a piece of artwork?

i've long been toying with the idea
of making this dog for myself.
so cute. can be used as a pillow, too. 

 another delectable space with
a nice pet elephant.

i really like the idea of having a pet
waiting for you in your home.
but for me it should be one that
doesn't need feeding. :P

1, 3 _ via open house.
2 _ snapped by me from marie claire idées, issue may 2010,

volume for fall

this is very ninties...

i really love the "sleeves" of this coat.
it's also fun, that in an editorial you don't have to dress like in real life.

preppy cool.

i like that bag.
and i love those culottes (split skirt of whatever)...
they were a big hit in the eighties as far as i remember.

nice color combo.

oh, fur!
and another nice bag!

heh, this doesn't seem to be really flattering (a celine coat)
but i still like it.
i also like the color.

it's still quite warm over here,
even tho we had a heavy drop
in temperature last night,
but it was coats washing day for me,
so, why not!

alana zimmer photographed by jason kibbler
for the editorial "a todo volumen"
in vogue spain august 2011.

(i love spanish magazines, but they are
ridiculously expensive over here,
something like three time the cover price, or so...
one of my exes just returned from spain
so i told him to pick up some at the airport,
but he does'n speak languages so
he returned with a french vogue
and an italian elle... he is still a cutie
for bringing me any but it seems
i'll have to do without spanish mags for some time.)

28 Aug 2011

i like the idea

i like the idea of these scatter pillows,
printed with very cool photos by
(available at weylandts, south africa.)
(different but really nice ones are also available
here in europe, too... e.g. at hviit, norway.)

digital printing technology makes it so easy
these days to make your own
cool pillows with your own cool photos...
just imagine the possibilities!

found this on kelly's

i like this

nice take on a classic.

illustration by melbourn-based angie réhe.
via her blog, patsyfox.

25 Aug 2011


those picot egdes are so beautiful!

lovely outfit. nice contrast with the shorts.

little ruffles.

tho i'm not among the biggest fans of fabric roses,
they seem to work very well here.
i also love the covered snaps... such a great couture touch.

satin bands...

i'm usually not you girly girl,
but i guess you know this by now.
still, sometimes i like to dress up.
i really like these outfits and those lovely details.

freja beha erichsen in hongkong-based moiselle's spring/summer 2008 catalogue.
some of the images are slightly cropped,
please see the originals
here at mesmiriz.

click picks for a closer look.

i'd give you the moon

i really like the idea of these.

1 _ the 'full moon odyssey' floor mattress
2 _ the 'nocturne by moonlight' glow-in-the-dark cushion

designed by lily suh of i3lab.

found at black & eiffel.

click images for a closer look.

24 Aug 2011

things of all kinds

1 _ photo william hundley, via nezartdesign..
2 _ photo sasha kurmaz, via beautifuldecay.
3 _ nanna van blaaderen, via jpeg-heaven.
4 _ via jpeg-heaven.
5 _ from alaska's digital archives, via aapc.
6 _ salon 94, via ffffound.
7 _ devin powers.
8 _ derek chan.
9 _ house of seven gardens, ikimono architects.
10 _ white suede tank.
above four via symmetrical.

take flight

another one of my favorite images from the
couture supplement of vogue italia september 1997.
(hehe, you might as well come think that's the only issue i got.)

karen elson photographed by peter lindbergh.
the amazing headdress is by
philip treacy for chanel haute couture, 1997.
i also like the make-up by stéphane marais

scanned by me.
click for a closer look.

23 Aug 2011

a little tile show from sicily

casa talía is a b&b in modica, sicily,
created and run by milanese architects couple
viviana haddad and marco giunta,
and it's all about slow living.

i love all those tiles!

all pics scanned by me from
elle decor italia july-august 2011.
photos by andrea ferrari.

i also found some more pics

click pics for a closer look.

(side note: yes, i'm doing my daily drawing challenges.

i quite liked it yesterday, but the previous three days
they felt more of a drudgery.
i feel totally untalented, of course,
 but i'm going to get thru this, i know.

i also decided to break out
betty edwards'
that is really a love-and-hate book for me.
it's smart. very smart.
but if you take a look at the cover, you instantly know that
it has nothing whatsoever to do with art.
you know, to be a great artist, you don't
necessarily have to be able to be a good draftsman...
take cézanne or van gogh.
on the other hand, it has everything to do with
seeing... that kind of seeing that is my goal
in this 30-day challenge, so i feel
that i might benefit from reading it and maybe
doing some of her excercises...
of course i never did those excercises before...
i'm lazy, you know...) 


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