30 Dec 2011

longing for sunshine

whites complemented with wood always seem to work.

old door, colored glasses.

nice kitchen!

cozy. i like the neat arrangement of photos.

yet another bedroom-bathroom combo.

living outdoors.

porch or backyard or whatever.

i'm so badly longing for sunshine and warm weather.
it's still only december, but i can hardly wait for spring to arrive.
i know i should somehow be able to embrace winter and cold, but i just don't seem to.
that's why i'm bringing you this lovely cape town beach house with lots of sunshine.
it belongs to a belgian lady and her south-african husband.

more here at let me be inspired.
(also seen at the lovely lilleani)

28 Dec 2011

24 Dec 2011


my dear friends,
i wish all of you
a very merry christmastime
filled with all the good things on this earth,
fun, happiness, family, good food, good drinks...you name it
but above all, lots of love.

i'm home now with my parents in the country,
the big family will join us tomorrow.
as you may have guessed i left
all the christmasy pics i collected
back at home as in the rush this morning i couldn't
copy them onto a portable hdd...
but that's okay. :)
so i'll leave you with these lovelies i just
saved off of the kinda addictive
crush cul de sac.

we're having a white christmas, it seems. :)
okay, now i'm off to decorate the tree. 

take good care.

22 Dec 2011

an identity that i like _ multistorey for constructive lives

multistorey for constuctive lives furniture shop.

things _ moody with a happy ending












this didn't turn out very christmasy, but i'll give another shot at it today or tomorrow. :)

3 _ a library via art and architecture
4 _ richard peter's photo of the bombed dresden, 1945. via goodmemory.
this photo is so heart wrenching and still so beautiful.
makes me think of the fragility of humanity and the possible vainness of aquiring lots of things.
5 _ sally mann, 2004, via nezart
7 _ pierre mornet, via dominique's voir.
9 _ whatktdoes, vi annct
11 _ via nezartdesign
12 _ lovely photo of paul newman and joanne woodward,
via the style schedule... read the quote, too, well worth it!


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