31 Oct 2011

i like lida baday

i really like the mood
of this catalogue that concrete canada
created for lida baday (fall/winter 2011).
beautiful clothes, too... refined elegance.
model kristen owen photographed by chris nicholls.

images from concrete and the meatmarket.

lida baday previously.

a necklace that i like

well, i guess it's a necklace.
i love it!

sohie srej photographed by david bellemere.

home of interior designer steven volpe

nice vignettes, beautiful collected pieces.

light, light, light.

i guess this is the same view at two different times.
can you see those two high chairs? interior designers always think in twos.

contrasting style chairs.

contrasting color velvets.

dark photo blown up makes dramatic effect.

that small table with casters is just cute!
for some very peculiar reason it slightly reminds me of r2-d2.

galvanized metal table. what a statement!

another trompe l'oeil: a fornasetti cabinet.

bedroom (you wouldn't have guessed).

home office.

designer steven volpe's san francisco loft
was featured in the september 2011 issue of us elle decor.

you can read the article here at elle decor.

 pics from enjoy home.
additional images (2-5, 9, 11, 13-16) from

30 Oct 2011


i know there are lots of procrastinators among us.
i may be one of the biggest ones in the world.
it's actually not something i'm proud of.
it's much rather a burden.
it's like i'm two people...

it's 3 p.m. now... that's usually the time of the day
when i decide it's not going to be today that i'll
"turn the world out of its corners".
it's going to be tomorrow.

as far as i know, procrastination mainly stems from some advance
fear that what you're about to do is not going to turn out as well as planned,
and maybe also from the confusion that results from having so many things to do...
so many dreams, so many opportunities... you get into some confusion about where to start,
and if you don't decide, you'll eventually end up not acting on any
of those many opportunities.

but the good news is, that there's definitely hope.
now that we'll unite i'm sure we'll
sort things out.
tomorrow's the day.

(many thanks to we-can-be-hysterical for the invitation poster.)

27 Oct 2011


1, 2 _ both from zoe and giuliano's awesome blog, pipes and sneakers.
3 _ 'grass' ottoman from gh design, via the lovely educate your sofa.

on a side note, sooner or later i'm gonna make a green post.

i like these

i like these sketches and works by stefanie nieuwenhuyse.
read more about the works on her béhance.

26 Oct 2011

what a nice place!

just sooo nice! i love so many things and details here.

photos by martin morrell.
pics from si's french by design
spotted on saint honoré home.


i would so wear these!

 model pauline van der cruysse photographed by aingeru zorita for razou.


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