10 Jul 2016

design idea _ outside in, inside out

introspection rings by nick dong at turtle and hare.

"kopenhagen fur" bangles by charlotte sunnen.

kauri patina blue plant table by rupert herring at the clever designers.

you get the idea.
and this can of course be applied
to most anything.

like, quite a few years ago i've seen a jean jacket
that had a heavily embroidered lining.

or do you remember that collection of
jil sander (s/s 2000) where she put some simple
pieces on the runway, that were printed on the inside?
they looked like pale print from the outside, but if
you turned them inside out, it was obvious that they were
printed only on the inside with very vivid colors.
which means of course, that she simply used the
fabric outside in. i've already seen men's shirts
using the same concept too.

and maybe i've also seen wardrobes that were
painted on the inside only. not sure.


4 Jul 2016

i like these distorted photos that ernesto artillo made for delpozo ss16

nice, aren't they?

he also seems to be quite a busy man,
it's something that i really look up to
in a person because i still seem
to struggle with some laziness...
funny thing is, i'm still optimistic about
being able to change.


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