26 Nov 2015

editorial love _ milk magazine's "wool and the gang"

just some cool kids donning cool clothes.
I love the color theme here!

photographed by delphine chanet and
styled by mélanie hoepffner.

see more of this here at milk magazine.

17 Nov 2015

things _ in shape, out of shape

just a small collection of anthropomorphic beauties.

1 _ vases by georges jouve, via farisjewelry,
more of him here at mondo-blogo.

2 _ watercolor by august rodin, “frontispiece” in the book
le jardin des supplices (garden of torments) by octave mirbeau,

3 _ chiffonier by andré groult, 1925, via berndwuersching.

4 _ monotype by aurore de la morinerie, via berndwuersching.

6 Nov 2015


i love these photos. lovely colors, pretty details.
look at that banana pillow.
look at that chair.
look at that fruit-bowl.

photos by harry were for
home magazine (new zealand), june/july 2015
styling by katie lockhart.

click images for a closer look.


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