17 Aug 2011


this is a millais.
i would never have guessed.
okay, maybe the red hair...
why did he paint all that cheesy crap
if he could paint like this?
okay, i'm too harsh on him.
i love his ophelia and blind girl and isabella and stuff...
but i find this to be so much better.
it might be just me.
to be honest, i don't really like the pillars,
but look at the embroidery!
and the blue-yellow contrast.
and the orange and red.
no kidding, my heart really skipped a beat
when i spotted this.
okay i'll stop.

i'm only posting this to let you in on a plan i got.
i plan to transform the way i see things.
i'd like to tranform it by drawing everyday.
just a little, not much.
of course it has to be after life, not doodling.
ten minutes at the least.
(suppose if you can transform your body
by working out ten minutes a day, than maybe
you can transform your seeing
by drawing ten minutes.)

starting (ummm) today (ummm).

okay, let's say i'll make this
a 30 day challenge.
(i posted this little ted speech some time ago
that i really loved, so now i'll give it a shot.)
i'm a bit scared of course, because i'm not
very good at keeping promises,
but now that you got my word,
maybe i'll be more able to stick to this.
whaddaya think?

i'll keep you posted.

you're welcome to play along,
if you want to.


(image found at patsyfox)


  1. Hmm, I just watched the video and what a great talk. Simple as that and I´m thinking why not. Make it memorable.

    I´ll be following your 30 days, and I hope you start it, your 30 days of drawing :)

    I´m sitting here wondering, should I join? Yes I should, after all it´s needed... we´ve talked about this before ;)
    I will, fill in 30 pages in my sketchbook.

    Thanks, you iiiinspired me Agnes :))
    All the best with lots of love, Lena.

  2. I like your plan! I will be checking it often to see if you keep on track! :-)

  3. yaaay! Lena, i'm so happy for that!
    and it's also a support for me.
    i did mine tonite... after a hesitation of two hours i set the timer for 12 minutes and did it. :) :)
    i drew two little pears.
    nothing special, but it felt really good to strain my eyes a little and pay attention.

    lots of hugs, and all the best to you, too.

  4. Si, thanks for your support, too!!!

  5. Congratulations, well done!!! Sounds like a brilliant start, and I´m happy for you :)
    I will start tomorrow. I´m actually looking forward to it now!
    Now, I need to go to bed so I can be ready for my Day 1 of drawing.
    Good night, hugs L. :)

  6. thanks! :) :)
    Sleep tight!


  7. Beautiful painting by Millais. His Ophelia is one of my favourites especially since a boy once said to me (he was gay, sadly enough :-) "You look like you should be in a Millais painting, reclining on a chaise longue, wasting away" I never felt more beautiful than at that moment. (even though I don't look ANYTHING like a pre-raphaelite model!) He later sent me a postcard with Millais' Ophelia.

    I think your project is really exciting! It'll be great to follow it. Will you post some of your work at times? That would be so good!

    xx E

  8. Ellen, this made me laugh... such a sweet story, thanks for sharing it with me. :)
    I'm glad you like my project. Of course this is not about making any lasting works of art, but rather about the process of looking and paying attention... nevertheless, i guess i'll post some of the results from time to time... especially now that i "announced" the project here. :)


  9. like the idea very much!!
    a former draw teacher ones said to us that if you want to keep feeling the right perspectives and proportions (here it was more in an architectural way) then you should draw at least two scketches a day...
    i'm not doing it... but eventually i keep it on my mind, and i'm still thinking on it.
    maybe i should start now?

  10. Nadia... yeah, why not! i now skipped three days, (feel a bit ashamed about it... :P) so now i'm starting over, but i won't give up on it! :)



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