28 Aug 2013

GRAPHIC DESIGN _ an identity that i like

a really nice identiy created by
for hungarian fashion student
diploma work (vanitas).

fashion photos by istvan varfi
(slightly edited, please see the originals here).

see even more of this identity here on béhance.

found through sarah's incredibly classy blog,

16 Aug 2013

WORDS ON DESIGN _ yohji yamamoto

A near classic from the revered
mr. yohji yamamoto.

i love his perfectionism
and i love his love for japanese

7 Aug 2013

ACCESSORIES _ beautiful hand-woven bags from la fragile

studio buddy zsofi, a.k.a. la fragile
makes these beautiful, hand-woven
shoppers and clutches. they have leather
bottoms and handles.

do contact her on facebook
if you are interested in buying any of them.

photography by
ilka guba and sandor guba,
model gerle jakab.

some of the images were heavily cropped,
please see the originals here.

ACCESSORIES _ necklaces that i like

lovely "knitwear' necklaces by
also available at


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