20 Jul 2015

17 Jul 2015

sitting on top of the world

one of the roofs across the street
from where i live now.

i kinda moved to berlin now.
the main reason was initially my boyfriend,
who's an ex by now. but eventually i
decided to stay. just to try my luck
over here.

i miss the very hot budapest summer
with it's almost unbearably hot nights,
but i come to like berlin more and more.
there are moments when i really
feel at home.

i still need to find a job though, which
makes my situation a bit less than
perfect... i mean i have the time to
go anywhere but not the money.
anyways, just wish me luck for
a successful job search.

15 Jul 2015

nice looks and interesting photostyling _ uniqlo x lemaire

i love this!

nice preview looks from
uniqlo's collab with christophe lemaire
coming to you this fall.

i love how they made the model
lie for these photos but then used the pics
standing up. i really like the effect.

found at marcus troy.


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