22 Jan 2015

measuring space _ works by eske rex

interesting installations defying the laws of physics,
made of wood, strings, magnets. by eske rex.

18 Jan 2015

a space of humble luxury

housewares designer/maker michael verheyden and
wife saartje vereecke live in genk, belgium,
inhabiting this brick house that looks as if painted by vermeer.

their space looks rather sparse and i really like it that way.
because that way, what they keep about themselves
are really the things that make them joyful.
what's more, most of their stuff was designed by them.

i really like how they choose to surround themselves
with friendly but clean colors and with objects of
simple forms that are nevertheless made of
precious materials like marble or nubuck.

read and see a lot, lot more here at tmag.

17 Jan 2015

looks _ casual pieces for winter

very nice knits a wools in beautiful colors.
gotta love these pieces.

model amanda wellsh was photographed by
benny horne for vogue spain's september 2014 issue.

9 Jan 2015

i like the idea _ "sketchbook dishes" by catherine cullis

i'm very much into the sketchbook works
of catherine cullis, a british artist
whose tumblr i only recently discovered
through rhubarb in the garden, but as
it turns out her older works are not new
to me at all... as i flicked through the 
works she had sold on etsy they were
definitely familiar.

i very much like how she came up with this
idea of "dish sketchbooking"

i guess she only made these two ones so far, 
but i hope there are more to come. i wonder if these would
work with figurative shapes as well... i'm not sure.

cathy has an enormous body of work
behind (and before) her and she seems to be
constantly evolving, a quality that i
really love and admire in artists.
(i even have a little theory about how artists evolve...)

please check out her "homes" on the web:


a rhubarb in the garden blogon találtam
rá catherine cullis "tányérvázlataira",
vagyis ezekre a kis "sketchbook"-művekre,
amelyeket agyagtálakra festett.
nagyon tetszik az ötlet!

nagyon tetszik a többi vázlatfüzet-festménye is,
amelyeket nagyrészt a tumblr-én "közöl"
a nagyérdeművel.

eredeti akrilfestményeit és egyéb műveit
(például gépihímzett kis képecskéit)
meg is vásárolhatjátok a shopjában.

további linkek fent.

6 Jan 2015

be golden, my friend

oh, that chloé dress!

and may your new year be golden too.

kai newman was photographed by arnaud pyvka
for elle france december 2014.

images edited, please see the originals
and the rest of them here at consultante-retail.


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