20 Apr 2013

EDITORIAL, FASHION _ maria loks in wonderland

that sweater / ú, az a pulcsi

so coo, yeah? / ezannyirajó, ugyi?

celine fur sandals / nekem tetszik a szőrös szandi

i just got an issue of wonderland from my dear friend imi.
and it's really full of wonderful things... :)

these are some really nice looks and pics from it.
maria loks was photographed by dancian.


nagyon szép cuccok vannak a májusi wonderland magazinban...
most kaptam egyet drága imi barátomtól.

link fent.

17 Apr 2013

DIY IDEA _ ombré pants

they might already be on their way out of style
but they still lok kinda goot to me.

1 _ via shlugalug
2 _ lotfi via beautravailaime


ezek már igencsak kifelé mennek a divatból,
de nekem azért még tetszenek... :)


merge, a san-serif typeface designed by
with the combination of vector, pencil sketch, fine lines and shades.
the philosophy behind the typeface is to find simplicity out of complexity.

16 Apr 2013

EDITORIAL, FASHION _ a (fashion) report from io donna

a few really diverse but equally nice looks.

models yulia terentieva, quinta witzel, laura mccone, estee rammant and lisanne de jong
photographed by gregory derkenne for the 23 february 2013 issue of io donna.

see a lot more here at coup de foudre.


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