31 Jul 2011

last chance to enter

only a few hours to go!
but right now you can still enter

all images taken from her



1 _ Henri Edmond Cross (French artist, 1856-1910)
2 _ Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1895)
3 _ Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891 – 1959)
4 _ Felice Casorati (Italian Painter, 1883-1963)

all images from it's about time.

28 Jul 2011

the talented mr. herman

yes, he's a boy.
friederich herman, a fashion student from singapore.
i absolutely love the way he presents fashion...

some spaces and details i like

that trompe l'oeil carpet!

fancy a little hopscotch?

i love this pic.
that's a marcel wanders, i guess... that guy is amazing.

much covered but oh-so-amazing.

i love this, too... great details.

greens and chairs and mirrors and studio windows.
i really wanna have a studio.

all photos ©andrea garuti.
found through idaddesign.


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