30 Apr 2011

29 Apr 2011


1 _ la nuit by ron isaacs, 2009, via whitehotel.
3 _ konzentrische gruppe, figurenplan k1 by oskar schlemmer, 1922, via whitehotel.
4 _ for the birds by wayne pate, via arthound.
5 _ art by john tremblay, via pnguyee.
6 _ art by mats bergquist, via pnguyee.

a home that used to be a barn

so much lovely natural light!
the house g, by maxwan architects, 2007.


1, 2 _ pouch by monja gentschow, via jokemine.
3 _ from emmert william flickr, found through lamechop.
4 _ emma balfour in a balenciaga ad from s/s 2001, made by m/m paris.

28 Apr 2011


1, 3 _ kate lanphear wearing eddie borgo, f/w 2010, via you feelin' it.
2, 4 _ dannijo bracelets.

some photos

1-8 _ the nyiragongo crater in june 2010,
found through upside.

9-15 _ fashion editorial for dealer de luxe magazine,
amazing photos by van mossevelde + n.
just how i feel right now... and i can't really swim.

so, back to diploma for me, oh gosh.

definitely click the photos if you like them, they are much bigger.

27 Apr 2011

that bag

costume national backstage.
love the color combo, too.

a little this and that _ pixel life

1 _ "stolen jewels" pixel necklace designed by mike and maaike a few years back.
i still like the idea. via the blub.
2 _ 6 dpi frames by dzmitry samal (blog, too).

a little this and that _ neon fringe

2 _ coat by kepp showroom...
this is a magic coat btw,
i've seen it in person...
if you put it on and move,
it emits some kind of an electronic music... awesome!


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