31 Dec 2010


i love the textured knit surface of the capelet... i love that cool brownish color... i love how she looks like a cute sheep in the second image.

zuzanna stankiewicz by agata pospieszynska in glamour poland.
more here at absinthrill.

click images for actual size.



petra hegedus photographed by filippo chatzis for vogue hellas december 2010.


tom hoops. (also, his blog). found via design-conundrum.

28 Dec 2010

topshop colors

from topshop's spring/summer 2011 collection, found at anywho.
i like the combination of cooler and warmer shades.


1, 3, 5 _ inverted light series, chad hagen.
2, 4 _ indonasian crafts at the peabody museum, via gotasalviento.
6 _ indian crafts at the peabody museum, via gotasalviento.

21 Dec 2010


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