11 Oct 2011

arjan benning _ some still lives that i like a lot

i love, love, love all those dishes in the above pics.
and the heavy (possibly concrete) table, too.

i like how abstract this is.
my grandparents had stools with drawers.

this is fun.

this is so funny with all those phallic shapes.

lovely colors, lovely dishes.
i actually like photos that try and emulate
the style of old dutch masters.

these are so nice, and clever too.

i like the idea.

this is my favoritest one.
looks almost like a painting.

arjan benning is a dutch photographer.
his agency.
his behance.

make sure to click pics for a closer look.


  1. These are gorgeous... particularly like the 9th pic (under those phallic shapes!); it looks very much like a dutch painting! Love it!

  2. Thanks, dear Helen! I'm very glad you like them, too... :) :)


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