25 Feb 2012


just a few things of my liking that i prepared for posting at least a moth ago.
i just couldn't find the time for posting it.
not to mention that my laptop got bugged so much that i can't even start it any more.
needs some serious cleansing.

csak néhány nekem tetsző dolog, amelyeket már vagy egy hónapja
előkészítettem posztolásra, csak egyszerűen nem volt rá időm.
és gépem sem igazán... a laptomom annyira vírusos lett, hogy most már fel sem áll.
kell majd neki egy jó kis vírusirtás, remélem, elég lesz... :)

1 _ steven meisel for vogue italia july 1997, via texturism.
2 _ ink on paper by chinese artist lan zhenghui, via michaelcharles.
3 _ photo of unknown origin, via michaelcharles.
4 _ audrey marnay photographed by steven meisel for vogue italia august 1997.
5 _ work by alexis semtner, via booooooom.
6 _ photo via lavelaundry.
7 _  malgosia bela photographed by ruven afanador, via erichcanvogue.
8 _ work by richard serra, via neutralnotes.


  1. this is really interesting. i love the composition of the colours and geometric objects. very charismatic choice!

    xoxo yen


  2. Lovely inspiration mix! I love the first black dress!!
    Have a great week-end :) xoxo

  3. Thanks, girls! :) :)
    Have a nice weekend!


  4. love how all of the photos go so well together! also you blog is amazing added you to my blogroll :)

  5. i find the ink on paper fascinating to look at for some reason, i really like simple black and white works. it goes so well with the picture beneath too. very nice group of images :)



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