24 Jul 2011

some people make breathtakingly beautiful things with a 0.4 mm crocheting needle

oh, my...

can you see the little peas in the pods?

the little sprouts are rings.

above is a necklace she made for knot, a venture they
discontinued in 2009.

her tools of the trade, including crocheting needles
as thin as 0.4 millimiters, and size 80 dmc yarns
that she dyes herself.

i can't get enough of these!

she's amazing, isn't she?
i'm sure she's a child at heart.

her name is jungjung.
you can find even more amazing things on her site.
all of them crocheted by herself,
she doesn't even make patterns.

if you take a closer look,
you realize that all of these veggies,
besides being art, are jewelry as well.
mostly brooches.
i can totally picture myself wearing
sugarnap peas, radishes or an olive branch.
how about you?

all pics taken from
found through las teje y maneje.


  1. What a talent, amazingly beautiful, a great artist!

  2. Wow, this is really amazing!!!! Can you imagine how much patience does one need, to make those?

  3. Amazing! It's astonishing how perfectly the scale, texture & colour are captured.

  4. These are incredible. Who knew vegies could look so beautiful and delicate. Well found and I'm off to check out her website. Thanx!

  5. So wonderful!!!
    What a delicate work!

  6. thank you, girls!

    @ Ia, i can well imagine that! :) :)


  7. oh, wow... that is truly beautiful handcraft! Great post, Agnes. I always find new inspiration areas on you blog.

  8. These are EXQUISITE!!! Such attention to detail! thank you for sharing!

    X E.

  9. :) i'm glad you like them, Olivilla! :)


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