23 Jan 2012

nice things from atelier katsumi

i find these so nice!
i love clay.
i'd love to work with clay (among many other things).
what's more, here you can even see me work with clay.
but that was back in 2008.
i love the touch.

nice things from atelier katsumi.


nagyon tetszenek ezek.
imádom az agyagot.
szeretnék is (többek között) agyaggal  is dolgozni.
de az még 2008-ban volt.
szeretem az agyag érintését.

ezek a szép dolgok az atelier katsumiban készültek.


  1. Guaaaau I like it!

  2. Love the pears :)
    Have a great day,

  3. Aaah, it's so fun to have that link to your pic. It's a well-hidden suprise! I always thought you were dark blonde with short hair! :-)

    x E.

  4. Thank you, all!

    E., that made me laugh out loud!!! :D That's because you're not on facebook. :D
    Anyways, I think I always look very different, but I'm always very dark... right at this moment, my hair is really long.
    It's such a funny thing that we associate a certain look to other people we don't know in person... i think we kinda have to visualize that person... I normally do it just vaguely... but I usually think of you as someone with longish brown hair, a rather skinny but feminine physique and always a lady.



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