25 Jan 2012

fun in the roof

pics of the casa da música in porto, portugal.
built by oma, completed in 2005.

pictures are from the following sources:

1 _ 032c
3 _ scanned by me from elle decor italia november 2011
5 _ worldarchitecturenews


nagyon tetszik ez az erkélyféleség, amely
a portói casa da música tetején található.

a képek forrását lásd fentebb. :)


  1. Oh wow, I love this!!!!
    It would be amazing to have a party there:)

  2. I've been there to see it.
    the building is really good. but i have to say, i like koolhaas really much...
    there is also a room allover recovered by an acoustic polyurethane with angles. and some glasses inside are waving! i don't thonk i've made myself clear.
    anyway, the point is you definitily should go there to see this piece. ;)

  3. :D :D :D :D Thanks for your comment, Nadia, I definitely got the point!
    I hope I can manage to go there someday and see it for myself...
    I've seen another pic with white/blue tiles... that looked really nice, too.



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