4 Nov 2011

rocks my socks off

this whole outfit is just so awesome!

i love that the sleeves are slashed
and i love the change in pattern.
the socks retain the style and color
of the sweater pattern
but change it in scale and
the repetition of the rhombi
thus creating a slightly different pattern
that also differs in overall tone
(because of more black in the socks)
and overall pattern effect
(if you squint, the sweater appears to be
spotted or latticed and the socks appear to be
either checkered or striped, and the socks
look more 'busy' because of the even
amount of colors.)


also, i love the burlington-style pattern.
the pattern on the sweater is off
which makes it look rebellious rather than
conventional (the slashed sleeves add to this)

okay, these things are not really important.
point is, i love this look.
and would wear it.

a model named  laura in 'a magazine' issue #1, august 2001.
pic from the awesome cotonblanc.


  1. Burlingtons are definitely going to make a comeback soon. I've felt it in my bones for a while :-)

    x E.

  2. hehe, that's good... i hope they will! :) :)



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