4 Nov 2011


the power of a new day.

via cez' very inspiring mechant design.


  1. :) :) a nice weekend to you, too, dear!!!

  2. Thanks for your observations on the fat lady :)
    Things are well, yet I feel I´m having a semi-break from blogging. well, I´m here, only spending a tiny bit less time roaming the web.
    Hope you are well and that you´re having a great weekend. And did you finish the 30day drawing? I must admit, I didn´t... But the idea was good and I might pick it up again :) All the best with love from Lena.

  3. :) :) :)
    Less web, is always good. :)
    Yes, i'm well, too. :) :)
    Hehe... it was the same with me... i cheated once and then it was all gone... but agree, the idea is still great, and i'll gat back to it, too.

    lots of love,


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