22 Oct 2011

our liszt was born 200 years ago

young liszt by jean-august dominique ingres

at the piano, 1840

liszt by miklós barabás

liszt a few months before his death, by nadar
(i think this is such a great portrait)

i feel somewhat ashamed that i don't know much (or anything) about
ferenc liszt (1811-1886). and even though i'm almost illiterate when
it comes to music i feel that maybe i should get to know him a bit more
because he might have things to teach me.

he was a legend in his own time already, portrayed by the likes of
ingres, nadar or barabás (some people i know a bit more of than him).

as far as i know, austria tries to claim him as her own,
but who cares... :P i know he was hungarian.

all pics from wikipedia.

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