22 Oct 2011

looks _ black

louis vuitton clothes 

limi feu outfit, vintage necklace 

i love this a lot! vera wang outfit, janis savitt cuff 

nina ricci dress worn with an alexis bittar brooch 

3.1 philip lim (top or dress?) 

ohne titel clothes, vintage necklace 

love that coat, and the shoes, too.
dolce & gabbana clothes, patricia underwood hat. 

i'm totally into that thing on the right. amazin cut... it seems to be a dress and coat in one.
a.f. vandervorst clothes, patricia underwood hat, dolce & gabbana belt (in hand)

just some looks i like. it's good that you can always restort to black.
models hye seung and tyan yi photographed by eric guillemain for metal magazine fall/winter 2011.


  1. Hú, az a szőrme aljú mellény de kafa! :)


  2. Great collection! Also lovely to see an image with clothes by Belgian fashion designers A.F. Vandevorst! :-)

    x E.

  3. :D :D :D
    and i gotta say they are among my favorites!!!
    there might be more to come because i have quite alot of their works saved to my computer. :)
    there was a previous collection of theirs that was my absolute fave... not sure but maybe it was a couture collection with grey and purple woollen stuff that looked a bit like armor...

    hehe, it's so funny that it's the same with me... wherever i see a hungarian name (even if the person does not live in the country but did something great) i feel a little proud. :D



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