16 Jun 2011

tuesday's child, part one

as i told you here, i scanned one of my (many) favorite editorials.
meisel editorials can sometimes span up to sixty pages,
but this one is only 22. still i'm giving it to you in portions,
mostly because i'm quite slow with retouching.

so this is part one.
i hope you like it.

no, they don't kern.

love this dress that is, as you can see, cut awry on purpose.
love the peter pan collar, too.


now, this skirt is among my all-time favorits,
no matter how unflattering it is.

nice details, nice skirt.

i like the quilted skirt. yes, it's japanese.

i would never wear this dress.
never say never.

a. dress, junya watanabe
b. dress, alessandro dell'aqua, shoes and socks, junya watanabe
c. shirt and pleated skirt, versace, shoes, prada
d. blouse and skirt, valentino boutique
e. shirt with a bustier on top, quilted skirt, lace-up shoes, all yohji yamamoto, bag redwall 
f. organza dress, blumarine, tights, ibici, shoes, junya watanabe.

images from the editorial tuesday's child in vogue italia january 1999,

featuring model frankie rayder, photographed by steven meisel,
hair by eugene souleiman, make-up by pat mcgrath,
fashion editor camila nickerson.

(painstakingly) scanned by me
(all my respect to people who scan and retouch).

click images for a closer look.


  1. I am so inspired by this, I don't know if to cry or jump from joy.

  2. Ana, I'm very glad about it. :) :) hope you won't cry tho. :)


  3. These images aer beautiful but I can't get over how thin this model is.

  4. I'm glad you like them, Deborah. :) Yes, she's quite thin, even tho I believe that back in the nineties not all models were so very thin... maybe she's even photographed or retouched to look so thin. The truth is, that when I look at fashion pics, I look at design ideas, composition, colors. etc., and I guess I only notice model thinness when it is very extreme.

  5. i like a lot the black and white pictures. as art . from the clothes i wouldn`t mind owning the blouse from picture d ; )


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