11 Jun 2011


been moving around some of my old magazines... 
i think i might scan things from some of them in the future because
i found a lot of beauty as i flipped through a few.

there are so few magazine scans online from the '90s,
and so many of the '90s' models are almost forgotten...
just think Chrystelle, Kylie Bax, Alek Wek, Tanga Moreau, Beverly Peele, Rosemary Ferguson, Frankie Rayder, Cordula, Esther Canadas, Chandra North, Erin O'connor, Claudia Mason, Beri Smither, Lorraine Pascal, Kirsty Hume, Michelle Hicks, Irina Pantaeva, Yasmeen Ghauri, Maggie Rizer, Devon, Bridget Hall, Omahyra, Eve Salvail, Jenny Shimizu, Magali...
and the rest whose names i can't remember (even though my mother used to say back in the early '90s that i would sure be admitted to university would they ask for the names of famous models or mtv veejays.)
not to mentions some great designers like romeo gigli, claude montana or rifat ozbek.

but scanning and retouching is not an easy task,
so don't take this as a promise yet...

just to let you know, a few weeks ago i scanned one of my favorite editorials to share with you
(one from vogue italia, shot by steven meisel and featuring frankie rayder),
but i didn't do the retouching yet...

here's a sneak peek... i found the cover online:

 via tfs.

i'd be happy to hear what you think about my idea.


  1. I think that's a great idea and yes, 90's models were the best! Can't wait to see more :)

  2. :) thanky for the feedback, Adelina!


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