14 Nov 2017

in other news _ i'm starting over

haha. i guess i've said that or
something similar numerous times before.
but then again, so what. it happens every
now and again. starting over, i mean.

so after two years as an art director/layouter
at a small trade magazine for "all things baby and
kids", i am now free to embark upon my journey
as an artist slash illustrator slash craftsman
slash ... (i might fill this in later).

i know i shouldn't share this lest it
wouldn't turn out the way i had planned it,
but i do. i need to share most everything
anyway just to put myself out there and
to maybe gauge the worth of my little
"darlings", so you would've
noticed anyway.

what's more, today marked my 44th
birthday, so here's to a (hopefully) wonderful
new section in the life of me.

(photos by me)


  1. Good luck on your new adventures in life.

  2. I love the shadows and shapes in your photos!

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