21 Apr 2014

and i quote _ from paul rand

a really good quote from paul rand.

it's not that one should copy other people's stuff,
but much rather that one should
simply do their stuff without the concerns
of creating something truly original, something
groundbreaking, something that hasn't been
seen before.

on the other hand, when you do
your work, possibly every day,
then, i think that after a good while
you are bound to create original,
maybe even groundbreaking stuff
that hasn't been seen before...

what's your point on this?

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  1. I do agree with this quote. There are so many things that inspire us that we cannot be totally original. What's really interesting is to create one's own style and vision.
    xo, Flo

    1. :) Thanks for the comment, dear Flo! I totally agree.



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