6 Jul 2013

A LITTLE THIS AND THAT _ art vs. dress

1 _ art by courtney price. her works are available at rectangular objects.
2 _ stella mccartney brigitte dress, detail. available at stella mccartey.
3 _ the dress and the artwork (flipped verically) side by side.

whether or not the designer was really inspired by this artwork, i don't know
(i personally think she was), but i kinda think that this kind of
"stealing" is rather legitimate in design... i mean transforming
a work of art into a dress or design.

i remember when i was much younger and drew dresses for fun
(well, i still do) i would use all kinds of things for transforming them into
dresses. think furniture, ceramics, buildings or jewelry.

what's your opinion? i'm curious.


  1. I love what you show here, really inspiring:)

  2. I also think she was inspired by this artwork. It is too obvious ;)
    But inspiration is everywhere, in nature, in art, or whatever so I agree with you, it is kinda legitimate, and censorship cannot exist about finding inspiration :)


your comments are very welcome. i'd like to hear from you. :)


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