2 Feb 2013

EDITORIAL, FASHION _ woman in folk painting

wow! / vov! :D

oh! / óh! :D

the glasses! / ódejó az a napszemcsi!!!

the gloves! / nagyon kéne olyan kesztyű!

all kinds of lovely, lovely contrasts in here.
and i can't even begin to elaborate on how much i
love those handcrafted head-pieces!

editorial "woman in folk painting",
lee hye jung  photographed by koo bohn chang
for vogue korea's january 2013 issue.


nagyon tetszenek a kontrasztok ebben az editorialban.
azt meg el se kezdem mondani, hogy azok
a fejdíszköltemények mennyire tetszenek!

info és linkek fentebb.


  1. Oh my, yes i saw the third image from above and i saved this in my files. It's great to see the whole editorial! Beuatiful. Love those headpieces! Art!!

  2. those head pieces are amazing! what craftsmanship!

    what an AMAZING house! i love all the details in old homes.

    come say hello - MOCCASIN RUN

  3. thanks for all your sweet comments! :) :)


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