19 Dec 2012

ART, THINGS _ the charming beauty of lady naïveté

rosamond by mariska karasz, 1947

pizza girl by andy rementer

self portrait by frida kahlo

goncharova by miriam schapiro

my dear has fallen in love with brigadier by maria primachenko, 1972

 woman in dotted dress by margit anna

the girl with a doll by  henri rousseau, 1905

young girl sitting by pablo picasso, 1970

 woman with basket of eggs by henri rousseau

la femme d'antibes by hannah barnes, 2012

mãe jovem by kees van dongen,  1907-1908

 laurette in green in a pink chair by henri matisse, 1917

charmingly beautiful, aren't they?

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tetszenek ezek a naívan megfogalmazott portrék.

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