12 Sep 2012

galliano, way back

i do love this kind of fashion ilustration.
somewhat typical of the '80s and '90s.

even tho i find the head a bit small in proportion...
but i think that was typical of the '80s, too.

these were made for john galliano's
autumn/winter 1987-88 collection.

(found at jaa design ltd


nagyon bírom ezt a fajta divatillusztrációt,
amely meglehetősen jellemző volt a 80-as-90-es években.

még úgy is, hogy szerintem a fejek túl kicsik.
úgy emlékeszem, az szintén elég jellemző volt akkoriban.

ezek az illusztrációk john galliano
1987-88 öszi-téli kollekciójához készültek.

(a jaa design ltd oldalán találtam,
ami viszont már nem létezik, csak a fönti
linkeket találtam hozzájuk.) 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it's very Antonio Lopez, but I don't think he made them... I guess maybe he would have singed them... Not sure tho...


  2. I agree about the proportions - back in the '80s, we were all pinheads =D Except those who went to the hairdresser to get giant poodle hair, of course. Those were the days! *sigh*

  3. I have a bunch of small headed illustrations myself...it was also that the shoulders were big. These do look like Antonio's drawings but we were all so inspired by him then. I still am. These are lovely. Thanks for posting!

    1. As a kid i always wanted to be a fashion designer and drew those really small heads, too! Hahha! :D
      I also admired the works of a certain German illustrator who made illustrations for Burda and Burda International...
      I'm really glad you like these, too, Tracy! :) :)


  4. They do look Lopez inspired. I love all those pencil lines. I have some drawings from the early 90's that look quite similar too. Thanks for sharing Agnes:)x

  5. :) :) I'm glad you like them, Helen! :) :)

  6. The last one, I could frame it, hang on my wall and look at it everyday!


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