23 May 2012

seems like a nice place to be

 i like all those drawers / nagyon tetszenek ezek a fiókok!

it looks quite homey, and i usually like that feature in a bar.

the mikkeller bar and brewery in copenhagen.

interior designed by femmes regionales.

photos from b3designers' blog and decor8.


nagyon tetszik, hogy szinte otthonnak néz ki...
általában szeretem, ha egy bár otthonos.

a teret a a femmes regionales design stúdió alaította ki.

fotók innen: b3designers és decor8.


  1. At first glance i thought, what useless drawers. But when you think about it, what a great design element for a space that is in most cases essentially useless and left empty. The colors also helped sway my decision, a very interesting arrangement.

  2. I love the wall with the shiny black tiles, and the drawers are so original this way!! :) xo

    1. i'm glad you do, Florence! :) the black tiles add such a great contrast!



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