30 Apr 2012


this is alexa chung, hehe.

i'm very much into these paper illustrations
and posters made by

the neighborhood posters even lend themselves
to some cool diy project with kids.
and then they can be displayed in their rooms.

found thru the jealous curator.


nagyon tetszenek ezek a papírillusztrációk és poszterek.
tiszták, kommerciálisak, de mégis vonzóak.

chloe fleury munkái.

ami a posztereket illeti, szerintem nagyon jó
ötlet lenne gyerekekkel hasonlót készíteni, persze a saját
környékünkről... és aztán kikerülhet a falra a szobájukban.


  1. oh they are amazing!!!!!
    Where do you find these stuff!
    I love it:)

  2. I have always loved paper design and these just suck me right in. Beautiful colors and dimensions.
    Have a great week Agnes!

  3. Love these colorful paper artworks, they're fantastic!! The neighbourhood ones are my favorites :)
    Have a great week-end :) xoxo


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