3 Jan 2012

collection cirkel by daphna laurens

coffeetable, wall lights, a leaning lamp and mirrors.
some lovely pieces.
love the styling, too.

from daphna isaacs burggraaf and laurens manders (site).

found through paiandesign.


dohányzóasztal, falilámpák, falnak támaszható lámpa és tükröcskék.
szép darabok, szép színek, jó styling.

daphna isaacs burggraaf és laurens manders (site) munkái.

egy kínai blogon találtam.


  1. Hello! Your blog is a beautiful place, and I admire you for going back to school to do what you really wanted. I believe in the power of beauty as well, and I do think beauty can be found in so many things.
    My best wishes to you for 2012 :)

    You are welcome to visit me, if you're not over your neck with mummy blogs ;)

  2. Annabelle, thank you, so much for your sweet words! :) :)

    I don't visit mommy blogs very often, so it was quite some joy to visit yours. :) That old lady! Really inspiring.

    Wishing you a wonerful year,


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