15 Jan 2012

can you imagine?!

can you imagine i entered a fashion design contest?!
it's hard to, right?
the odds for my getting through to round two are pretty scant tho.
first of all, i'm no fashion designer. second, i don't think they think i have
a place among all those fashion students and established designers who entered.
and there are hundreds of them.
not to mention, i started really working on it at 10 pm the night before the big day,
so yes, i'm sure it would have turned out better if i had started a week before
and went to the library to do some research as i had planned to do... but that's okay now.
in the end i literally had to run to make it, and i arrived 8 minutes before the due time.
but procrastination must be some hungarian desease, so i was not alone...
also, i was not the last one to arrive.

okay, whatever...
me getting through would be a pure miracle.
but to me, that's not the point...
entering, and doing something and not letting it go,
and not just dreaming is already a big, big thing for me.

so regardless of whether i get through or not, i promise that i'll show you
the designs i submitted.

i'll know more on wednesday.

(pic from chopandcrop)


el tudjátok képzelni, hogy beneveztem a gombold újra pályázatra??
én is alig tudom elképzelni. :) :)
nem táplálok túl nagy reményt a továbbjutásommal kapcsolatban, mert
először is, én nem vagyok divattervező,
másodszor pedig nem hinném, hogy ők azt fogják gondolni, hogy van helyem
egy ilyen versenyben a sok-sok tehetséges momés és egyéb
divatiskolás között, hogy a már befutott divattervezőkről ne is beszéljünk.
sok százan jelentkeztek, és csak vagy 20-30-at fognak kiválasztani, akiknek majd
el kell készíteniük a kollekciójukat.
hja, és arról már ne is beszéljünk, hogy a leadás előtti nap este tízkor
kezdtem el rendesen dolgozni rajta, addig csak a fejemben motoszkáltak a dolgok.
és persze nem mentem el könyvtárba kutatómunkát végezni, ahogy eredetileg
szépen elterveztem... de ez most már mindegy. :)
és végül még futnom is kellett, nehogy lekéssem a leadást...
ilyesmit az egyetemen más sokszor kellett csinálnom,
úgyhogy nagyon jó vagyok futásban. végül 8 perccel hamarabb
értem oda... és nem én voltam az utolsó!

no, mindegy...
a lényeg, hogy kész csoda lenne, ha bejutnék a második fordulóba,
de az az igazság, hogy most nem is ez a lényeg...
maga a tény, hogy vettem a bátorságot, hogy benevezzek,
és hogy tényleg csináltam valamit, és még be is adtam...
szóval mindez már önmagában is nagy dolog nekem, az örök álmodozónak. 
persze, nem mondom, hogy nem ugranék ki a bőrömből,
ha bejutnék, de nem leszek csalódott akkor sem, ha nem jutok.

és akárhogy is lesz, ígérem, hogy megmutatom majd nektek,
hogy miket adtam le. :)

szerdán fogok többet tudni.



  1. Bravo!!! it's a huge challenge we have to fight with = ourself! and I'm proud of what you did anyway... In a hurry now to see your design creation...!! enjoy et sois fière!!

  2. Great news Agnes, hope you will make it, but even if you don't i think its always great to try!!!
    Good luck:*

  3. It is so great you are participationg in a contest like this! And I can't wait to see your designs :)
    Good luck Agnes!! xoxo

  4. Really proud of you Agnes! It's a brave thing to do when both outcomes are quite scary. When we don't get accepted in such a case, we have to deal with the disappointment and the scary thoughts doubts andabout whether we're any good. And when we do get accepted, it's scary to a whole different dimension, isn't it! Good for you!

    xx E.

  5. Thank you for all the sweet words, my friends! :) :)

    Ellen, you see me... :) would i get through, it would certainly be a moment of "now panic and freak out"... and if i do, you'll see that poster on my blog. (i estimate it would take at least a hundred or even more likely two or three hundred hours to make that mini collection...) :) :) :) but there's really not much chace...
    A few side notes here: on one hand i of course have this strong desire to be accepted, to be good enough (and think all the what ifs), etc, but on the other hand, i think that now, in additon to those, i'm also starting to adopt the attitudes of "not giving a damn", "doing things l'art pour l'art" and "there's nothing to lose"... stuff like that, you know... and i guess that visitors of my blog also help and push me in that direction... you all help me gain a bit of self-confindence, incrementally, comment by comment, and i really think this makes me more daring, too... and somewhat responsible as well... i could be a blogger (i mean, maybe, after some time i could be a full-time blogger), but i'm well aware that creating is so much more fulfilling than just dreaming and looking at and sharing other people's great works... so i think that's a bit of a responsibility, too, to inspire myself and other people into action, rather than just make them go ooh and aah, but that pertains to the long run, not necessarily to this moment... and one more thing that makes me a bit bolder now is looking at other hungarian designers' works and feeling that maybe i could be as weel as or even better than them. That is a responsibilty, too... heck, i think we're susceptable to shun responsibilty and chose to stay in the dark and watch other people succeed... other people that think they are good enough and that are hard-working enough to really do and make something... that's a situation i'd love to end sooner or later... and if i can't make it with my own willpower then i just might trick myself into work... by entering contests for example... :) and the reason that i'd like to make it into round two is not success... that's very secondary... the first reason is that then i'd be pressed to work very hard and really get my hands dirty... :)
    Okay, so this was quite a mishmash of thoughts, sorry for that. :) :)

    Lots of love to all of you, you really made my day!

  6. i don't know what's happening here in the comments section... why the line spacing is so small... makes the comments almost illegible... tsk!

  7. hű, izgi! drukkolok! :) szerintem rá fér a Gombold Újra brigádra a te világod! ;)

  8. De aranyos vagy, Sári, köszönöm! Örülnék nagyon, ha ők is így gondolnák. :)


  9. Good for you!! go for it! at least you are doing something what you like instead of dreaming like the most of us, including myself, every day i'm struggling with "could i" Can't wait to see and read about the results. Fingers cross Agnes!
    Wishing you all the luck!


  10. Thank you, dear Audrey! Yeah, I know exactly how that is... and this now is a first babystep for me... we'll see how i'll turn out. :)


  11. Klassz, tök igazad van, jó, hogy nekivágtál, akárhogy is végződik!

  12. :) :) :) Köszönöm, Gabi! Mindig nagyon jól esnek a biztató szavak. :)
    Nagyon jó lenne, ha a második forduló is olyan sikeres lenne számomra, mint az első,
    de tényleg nem ez a legfontosabb.



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