31 Mar 2011

luca dressed in black

luca gadjus photographed by nadir for amica march 2011.
more here at noir facade.

click images for actual size.

a little this and that

1 _  twiggy photographed by richard avedon for vogue (uk, i guess), august 1967.
2 _ picasso by irving penn in cannes, 1957.

both images via le clown lyrique.

blurred vision

two very interesting images by the late fashion and documentary photographer

of whom i actually never heard of
to the day i saw these images at tomorrow started.


i just love these easy, no-fuss outfits.
i especially love the tees.

 mona johannesson photographed by matteo montanari
for the editorial "back to basic" in  amica march 2011.

toile, totally

1, 2 _ art by richard saja. (quite interesting, i think).
3, 4 _ richard saja art on keds for opening ceremony.
5, 6 _ outfit by jaiden rva james, via fashion156.
7, 8 _ clothes by lu flux, via fashion156

foliage and other stuff

2 _ bomb mag cover
4 _ via little fascist panties (whatta name... but hides an amazing blog!)
6 _  fir trees by hubert von herkomer (1949-1914) drawn at the age of 14!, via wikimedia

all found at ffffound.
i love trees!
despite the fact that i'm sooo bad with plants,
i really love them... they are artistic.

30 Mar 2011

daily bread

1, 3 _ art direction musubi aoki, photo osamu yokonami for so-en magazin march 2011.
2, 4 _ lovely little bread bears sitting in cups. via gorogoronta, found through coolhunter.

would wear

1 _ tom scott sweater availabla at la garconne, via ofakind.
2 _ ek thongprasert silicone nencklace.

a little this and that

1 _ very, very interesting street art by escif, see more at his flickr.
2 _ jacket by agi and sam, via fashion156.

29 Mar 2011


1, 2, 5 _ original source unknown, via ffffound.
3 _ photo of sonia delaunay, via ffffound.
4 _ post poetics bookshop in seoul, via ffffound.

these images evoke such a good feeling in me...
they remind me of my childhood...
times spent at grandparents'
they were sooo good with plants.
and i'm so bad with plants. :P

editorial love

alana zimmer photographed by hans feurer for the editorial
"frida's suitcase" in vogue turkey march 2011.

see the whole editorial here at mode.newslicious.

click images for actual size.