29 Mar 2011


1, 2, 5 _ original source unknown, via ffffound.
3 _ photo of sonia delaunay, via ffffound.
4 _ post poetics bookshop in seoul, via ffffound.

these images evoke such a good feeling in me...
they remind me of my childhood...
times spent at grandparents'
they were sooo good with plants.
and i'm so bad with plants. :P


  1. hummm...it smells spring!!!! xoxo

  2. I guess we have one more thing in common. Very few plants make it in my home, that´s why I prefer freshly cut flowers instead :)

    NB! I did do a post about flowers and a porch today, and I see you did one before me... It was not a conscious decision copying, but I see it clearly now coming back... it kind of looks the same!!! Sorry :/ Or, just take is as an compliment :)) You´re with me unconsciously ;))
    Love&hugs, Lena.

  3. haha... it's good to hear that i'm not alone with this. :) i love cut flowers, too, but don't buy so often. right now i have a big lily, that i keep in the kitchen because it smells so strong. :D :D

    Oh, Lena, you kidding? :P :P i never would take anything as copying... don't even think about that! :) i actually think that some things are "in the air"... and i might just as well be with you uncounsciously. :)

    sometimes i can see some design ideas of mine on the web or in some magazine as a real live object... now, that makes me feel uneasy a little, because i feel that if i would make that too, then that would be copying... but then again, if i would make that too, it would possibly be totally different and nobody would see it as the same idea... so, this is a dilemma. :P but i don't want to tire you with stuff like this. :P :P

    lots of hugs,

  4. I´m not tired :))) I recognize your thoughts. Hugs again :)


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