19 Dec 2011

babe _ my work for avon

naaaaay, this is not me. it's hungarian singer adrienn zsédenyi.

so i did this charity piece for avon's campaign against breast cancer.
they asked 25 artists (mostly young ones, not necessarily established ones)
to transform 25 pink mannequins into some artworks.
that's what i came up with.

i'm quite pleased with the result, but of course it
could have been so much better hadn't i started
making it some three weeks after the due date.
but that's just me...
i simply couldn't touch it until the day that i got a call
that they would pick it up that night...
and those were very busy days at the office, too.
so i asked for a couple more days and made it.
i guess i can work and produce some good work without
the pressue of time, but for some reason i just don't do it...
i'd love to learn how to do that.

anyways, i hope you like it.
but of course it's okay if you don't.

photos by balázs telek for café pr.

also, i'd love to say a heartfelt thankyou to the lovely susan
whom i met through blogging and who trusted me enough
to ask me to be part of this initiative.
do check out her blog, the sugar diaries.


  1. this is so insanely fantastic. For a bit I was under the impression that this was all material, some sort of avant garde body suite. I love how we bother suffer from the last minute spark of genius thing...well except your last minute work is mind blowing! IN TOTAL owe!

  2. This is SOOO phenomenal! Great work!!!

  3. Gyönyörű lett!! :) Fogja valaki viselni? Vagy kiállítják valahol? Vagy mi lesz a sorsa?

  4. Fabulous... I love last minute work and always work best under pressure - but I would love to start this in advance too - its better for my sanity! lol.
    Great work!

  5. Thank you so much, all of you! :) :) :)

    Last-minute-work must be some kind of an epidemic... But sometimes it's just good. :)

    Berta, köszönöm szépen!!! :) Nagyon örülök, hogy tetszik... Igazából nem lehet leszedni róla, fönt rá van ragasztva, a többi részen meg csak a baba van befestve. :) ... Most még 21-éig ki vannak állítva az Aréna Plazaban, aztán nem tom, mi lesz a sorsuk, mert elvileg eladják őket, de gyakorlatilag nem tudom, hogy sikerül-e. :P



  6. WHAAT - last minute work - I adore it - well done sweets,

  7. i like it!! sometimes pressure make us do great stuff.

    and thanks for the blog, i always come looking for cozy spaces.

  8. It looks amazing!!!!!


  9. Thank you, all!!! I'm so glad you like it!

    Theo, yepp. :)... feel welcome! (even tho i only sporadically post spaces) :)


  10. Seriously talented, it's not even funny Agnes! Wow wow wow...

  11. Thank you, sweet Sarah! :) I'm so glad you like it. :) :) :)



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