2 Nov 2011

day of the dead




as far as i know, it's been the day of the dead today.
we don't have it as national holiday,
instead, we observe it together with all saints, november 1st,
that is a national holiday.
talking about death is not very easy nowadays.
it's not considered a part of life.
most of us fear death... i do.
but in spite of all this i decided to remember
my beloved dead with these bird photos.
i actually found one for each of them.
i love them all, and it always makes me feel good
to remember them. i can even feel their hugs.
there you go.

no1. reminds me of my 'grandma kano'
who had a very big nose, bowlegs,
and made the most amazing cakes and other baked goodies.

no2. reminds me of my 'tata kano'
who was a little old guy, very witty and humorous.
he had worked all his life and had even been to wwii.
he made us laugh every time we met him.

no3. reminds me of my 'grandma ecseri'
wo was always a lady, a fragile and beautiful lady.
did everything to spoil me while i was living
with them for about two years.
she loved and growed flowers that
she sold at the market.

no4. reminds me of my 'grandpa ecseri'
wo was a big, big man, even at the age of 90.
he was a carpenter and made us little stools when
we were kids. i miss his powerful hugs.

no5. reminds me of my 'grandpa szucs'
whom i didn't know. all i know is he was a
drunkard. and i guess he was a colorful personality
with not much sense of responsility tho...
(apparently, he used to leave his horse tethered to some pole
outside the pub and let him starve and suffer from thirst
for hours or days while he was drinking inside).

no6. reminds me of my uncle 'peter'
the mountainclimber, who was clearly not meant for
this fast-paced world and whom i admired a lot.
i loved him for laughing at my humour.

(it might sound as a morbid idea to photograph
or draw dead birds... and maybe it is.
i still find these ones utterly pure and beautiful,
and much rather attracting than intimidating.

all photos from the hybrid series of
found thru 


  1. Definitely one of my favorite posts!!!

  2. Thank you Katya! I actually though this post might drive people away from my blog.



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