30 Oct 2011


i know there are lots of procrastinators among us.
i may be one of the biggest ones in the world.
it's actually not something i'm proud of.
it's much rather a burden.
it's like i'm two people...

it's 3 p.m. now... that's usually the time of the day
when i decide it's not going to be today that i'll
"turn the world out of its corners".
it's going to be tomorrow.

as far as i know, procrastination mainly stems from some advance
fear that what you're about to do is not going to turn out as well as planned,
and maybe also from the confusion that results from having so many things to do...
so many dreams, so many opportunities... you get into some confusion about where to start,
and if you don't decide, you'll eventually end up not acting on any
of those many opportunities.

but the good news is, that there's definitely hope.
now that we'll unite i'm sure we'll
sort things out.
tomorrow's the day.

(many thanks to we-can-be-hysterical for the invitation poster.)


  1. United indeed! I know my proscrination stems from my fear of failure. I even put 'Don't Be Afraid of Failure' on a post it, but it got buried among all the other post-its and notes and to-do lists swamping my desktop. So I'm really doing all the things you've talked about. Another day went by in a week where I keep on pushing my project back. Keep pushing it back, until after the last minute.

    That's a bad work method. Of course my fear is going to self-fulfill if I don't give myself the time to work on it. A cycle of stress doesn't help the mood or my heath, either. I'm working on changing that.

    Procrastinators unite!

  2. :) i knew i was not alone! thanks for your comment, Naomi! i, too, always keep pushing things back until the deadline is lurking and i feel it just can't be done... that's when i start... it's fun racing the clock, but it would be even more fun to do the work just for the heck of it... for the joy of it... i'm working on changing my way, too... i guess we need to embrace failure... cuz usually nothing happens if something doesn't turn out as planned for the first time around... we can usually start over and refine things, and even learn a lot from mishaps if they ever happen.

    but hey, i see you can still produce beautiful works despite being a procrastinator! congrats!!!


  3. Yes! Let's Do It!
    But tomorrow's not good for moi, how about next week?!!

  4. :D :D :D well, i think that's even better! :)


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