20 Oct 2011


pied-de-poule is all over the place now.

in my opinion pied-de-poule has more staying power (maybe that's not the right expression
but i hope you get what i mean) than python. comparing these essentially different things might sound odd,
but i thought it was somehow relevant, even tho you'd normally arrive at them thru two diffenrent methods...
weaving for the one and flaying snakes for the other... but of yourse they both come in prints, too...
so why not.

i don't wear pied-de-poule because it would make me look like a grown-up
and as we know i'm still a child... if i would, i'd opt for woven pied-de-poule rather  than printed,
but of course a silk blouse with a pied-de-poule print can still look nice.
well, and i don't wear python beacuse it's all over the place...
i gotta admit tho that i have a faux snakeskin bag that i bought a year or two ago
at zara but never worn. yet! it's actually a knit fabric and it's quite nice.

(above is julianne moore for talbots)


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