10 Oct 2011

a little goldrush

1 _ alexander mcqueen spring/summer 2012, via english-rose.
3 _ via mochatini.
4 _ via hautemary.
5 _ apparently, a previously unseen fragment
from Alexander McQueen’s final collection, pictured in dazed & confused,
6 _ rodarte, via mirages.

three things:

one: to be very honest, i'm not totally pleased with the latest mcqueen collection.
don't get me wrong, it's awesome, it's perfection, i love it, i covet it...
but what i feel is that mcqueen was not all about what we see now...
he was not all about elaborate embelishments. i think he was all about making
your jaws drop. he was all about a story... always a different story...
remember the "they shoot horses don't they" show?
or the graffiti thingie... the sprayed on set gowns?
i don't know, but i just feel that sarah does not think with the head of mcqueen
but rather resorts to things he had done before... i might be totally wrong, tho...
also, her hands might be tied, as well... so i really don't want to be harsh on her
because she really does an amazing job, but this is just what i feel.

two: so while i'm at kinda criticizing, i also gotta tell you that i dislike the rodarte
ss12 collection. i can't really grasp the craze about rodarte... sure there are a few
 pieces i like (like the two-tone sweaters), but who's gonna wear those dresses?
i have no idea whether the amateurish-looking cuts are on purpose or that's just
what they can do.
okay, so who am i to criticize other people that are doing creative work
while i'm not... but still... also, i just had to check some reviews, and they decided
to stand behind me on this... look:
"The fifties prom dress silhouettes—nipped at the waist, with all the action at the
shoulders and the flaring hems—seem pitched so resolutely in the past..."
this is from style.com... but wwd made a similar review.
so there, i said it.

three: i don't really understand why some people change their tumblrs
as often as i change my underwear... what is that about tumblr?

hopefully, you didn't read all of this. :P


  1. Love all of them but the last one, the lashes, so pretty;)
    Lovely greetings...


  2. hahah I read it to the end! I can totally agree with about Rodarte, I was disappointed to see this collection on the runway when I still remember what they did in 2010! New McQueen? I love this collection, maybe there is no surprise factor or no drama but it proves in a way that he was irreplaceable. I think she stays true to herself and she is not trying to outdo the master which I can appreciate. Tumblrs changing? oh yes but at the end for me they all look the same:) Have a nice day!!! xoxox

  3. Yep I read it all too - and I agree with you and KAAM - not all that really the rodarte aw - what is going on??.
    I love my tumblr' - I post every other day-ish, but 10/11 pictures, as it then makes a perfect picture on the page (if that makes sense) - I am rather odd :)
    Happy tuesday,

  4. @ Lydia, i'm glad you like it! :)

    @ Kamila & Anya, thanks for reading it! :) :) it's good to know that you see things similarly... Kamila, I totally agree on Sarah Burton... and yes, many tumblrs seem to circulate the same images and the same mood... but there are of course a few exceptions... Anya, haha... i didn't know you had a tumblr too... i like it! and it does make sense to post a pageful of coordinated images, then it kinda tells a story, and i like that.

    have a happy day, girls!

  5. hehe, I DID read it all! And I agree with you. Burton's collection even looks very similar to her last. As for Rodarte, what can I say ... I must have left comments all over the fashion blogs saying how disappointed I am in their SS 2012 collection. I'm sure they will ban me in fashion-land soon :-)) It's such a 'stale' collection, and the art-prints is an idea that Yvas Saint Laurent did, both in the sixties and eighties. And he did it so much better.

    I'm seeing very few 'new' and refreshing collections the past few years. It must be the hectic pace of all those collections a year. It drains the designers' energy, I think.

    x E.

  6. that's Yves and not Yvas, of course. (Sorry, Yves! Love you!) :-)

    x E.

  7. :) :) :) oh you have!? :D :D i think it's good to "spread the word" even when it's about not liking something... what i think is that we're here (and they should, too) to shape other people's tastes (and have our tastes get shaped by others in turn)... so i think it's well done that you did... "stale" is such a good word here... to me the fact of the Van Gogh prints were the minor problem... the bigger was that yes, they didn't make it work and they used them on shitty cuts. i really don't know whether they were told to make ugly clothes or they think those are nice... (on a side note: it's so not easy to take criticism tho... if anyone would very harshly judge what i do or make, i know that might render me unable to move and move on maybe even for years... happened before... just saying.)

    On today's fashion: totally, totally agree, and i don't know where this is going... btw, have you read the book "The End of Fashion"? i think that two collections a year and maybe even just one HC would perfectly suffice. We also need to take into consideration that the designers are multiple in numbers, too as compared to a few decades ago (i hope i'll be one, too... :D :D that's a big dream of my childhood... but i guess i'll only make pieces, and i'll call them "pieces-of-mine"... well, sometime in the coming 20 years)... Yohji Yamamoto says he wants his customers to wear his pieces for ten years and i find this would be the normal thing to do.


  8. Haven't read the book, but now I definitely want to. I love what you say about bloggers being there to shape taste. It was my intention when I started mine, to investigate my own and that of others too. However, lately I've been wondering if anyone notices at all :-) I guess I'm impatient. I know I want to DO SOMEthing in my life that relates to styling and taste, but I have no idea what or especially HOW. And at forty I fear that time is running out. Gets a little frustrating sometimes!

    I'd love it if you designed 'pieces-of-mine'. (I never knew you did fashion. Somehow I got it in my head that you were studying graphic design.) That's what style means to me, carefully selecting your own pieces and wearing them forever. Building a wardrobe that tells the story of your life.

    x E.

  9. Btw, I can totally relate about the criticism. Yesterday, I was addressed (very kindly) about an image I miscredited on my blog by the photographer and felt really really terrible about it :-)


  10. The book is mostly about how everything is about marketing now... it's a good read, somewhat disappointing tho. :P

    :) I'm glad you see this blogging thing that way, too... i'm sure many people follow you... but i know one wants to grow... i do, too... :)(i think you really should make it a kind of a policy to make let's say 5 to 10 comments on other blogs every day... other than friends' blogs... totally random... i don't do that either, but whenever i do, my blog starts to grow a little...)

    i think it's never too late to start your dream... i got the problems tho... the what and the how... and many times i feel that i haven't really started my life/carreer yet. i feel that i'm so many different people... i feel i'd love to do so many different things... and i guess i know what you mean by that frustration because many a time i feel that i'll end up not doing anything. That might happen. But you have to know that it's really never too late... you know that lady, who made those beautiful papercut botanical illustrations? she started making those in her old age, in her seventies or so... and i find them awesome... i'm sure one thing we might also need to face is some fear of failure... i think i fear in advance that something might not turn out the way i wanted so then i just don't even start, which is a pity... maybe you could ask the rest of the fashion magazines for internship as well and see what happens. :)

    I'd love to do "pieces-of-mine". :) yes, i studied graphic design, and i love it, but i did some fashion previously... not real streetwear... most of the time i designed and even made bridal and evening dresses. And for a few years i ran a little bridal shop... Here, you can see a few:


    and a few sketches:


    i started sewing when i was 9 or 10 and made many clothes for myself. later i perused magazines every season and drew my own little collection, or pieces, rather. :) hehe...

    but after graduating from high school i was not accepted at the college of applied arts, and then i spent a five years studying (or rather, not studying) economics, dreaming all the while about how i could be an artist or fashion designer. :D

    As for my own style, i don't think i dress really well... :P I used to dress in a rather individual way (not classic) and sometimes i still do, but not much of the time... i guess i'm just lazy (and poor). :P


  11. oops, that was a whole letter. :D

  12. and a really lovely one too :-)

    x E.

  13. :) :) :)
    you're sweet!
    :) :) :)



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