2 Sep 2011

i like the idea _ white relief with strips of black

white relief with black zip and belt

white relief with black epaulets and belt

white relief with black piping and button.
i also like the idea of piping these days. especially when
it's sufficiently narrow and it's made nicely,
with no topstiching on the right side.
(oh, sometimes i'm surprised at
how many english words i know. hehe.)

other ways you can achieve
a nice relief include
pintucks or other pleating,
draping, cable knitting
and quilting that i'm a big, big fan right now...
i've already felt some time back,
that quilting (in fashion) will be a great hit again.
and it is! i'd love to have or make
some quilted thing. 

1 _  jessica pitti photographed by rankin for harrods' mag, july 2011, more here.
2 _ sara blomqvist photographed by ben toms vor v spain september 2011, some more here at ben's blog.
3 _ anna selezneva photographed by anthony maule for vogue russia september 2011, found here.


  1. I absolutely agree: contrast piping gives dimention to any garment and dimention creates definitive proportion. Amazing photographs and beautiful Blog!!! Wishing you wonderful weekend :-)

  2. The last jacket is incredible...
    Look like the wool hedgehog.
    Hawever I think that he can be quite pleasant to touch.

    I wish you good weekand, Agnes:)

  3. Beautiful, is right—my goodness. Reminds me of a crisp, Autumn day—and that sweater in image no.02? Perfection. I would wear it in an instant :)

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend...
    xx, Sarah

  4. Anya, thank you very much! :) I'm very glad you like my blog, and yes... ther's so many things piping is good for. :)

    Bea... agree... it's quite hedgehogy, but i'm sure it's quite soft.

    Sarah... hehe... i would wear that, too... i guess it's a Burberry. :)

    have a great week, dear friends!

  5. love this combination

  6. Oh love that first dress - that lace is beautiful. Beautiful sleeves with the dark detail.


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