16 Sep 2011


just talking to myself:
but what if i don't want this new type of picture gallery in blogger?
i wanna see things up close.
okay, i know i can still right-click and
open in new window to get the orginal size, but still...
okay, in the meantime i even realized that
i can also click on the link
in the lower left corner and that gets me
to the pic with it's individual url...
but still...
okay, i don't really know what would be better...
but still...

well, okay, i know i'll eventually
get (and gotta get) used to it.
but i'm getting old
and many a time i don't
like change.

so why didn't the warn me? :P

all paintings by kazimir malevich, googled.


your comments are very welcome. i'd like to hear from you. :)


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