29 Aug 2011

volume for fall

this is very ninties...

i really love the "sleeves" of this coat.
it's also fun, that in an editorial you don't have to dress like in real life.

preppy cool.

i like that bag.
and i love those culottes (split skirt of whatever)...
they were a big hit in the eighties as far as i remember.

nice color combo.

oh, fur!
and another nice bag!

heh, this doesn't seem to be really flattering (a celine coat)
but i still like it.
i also like the color.

it's still quite warm over here,
even tho we had a heavy drop
in temperature last night,
but it was coats washing day for me,
so, why not!

alana zimmer photographed by jason kibbler
for the editorial "a todo volumen"
in vogue spain august 2011.

(i love spanish magazines, but they are
ridiculously expensive over here,
something like three time the cover price, or so...
one of my exes just returned from spain
so i told him to pick up some at the airport,
but he does'n speak languages so
he returned with a french vogue
and an italian elle... he is still a cutie
for bringing me any but it seems
i'll have to do without spanish mags for some time.)


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